old cotton shirt to autumn shirt

DIY Shirts – From regular cotton shirt to an interesting autumn shirt

Autumn can be very sunny and we can safely count on wearing a T-shirt, even under his leather jacket. Autumn is the best part of the year. If you are enthusiastic about fashion and the autumn fashion that comes, than you have probably told yourself “I need a new autumn shirt”. Yes, you need it. And you can have it with a little effort. You can do it on your own and put a unique pecat to the shirt. It will be your own design and you will be proud of yourself. And the most important of all, your wallet isn’t going to suffer so much.

So, If you are standing in front of the closet arranging and moving the summer and winter wardrobe and you found an old cotton T-shirt, which you do not plan to wear more,by all means you shouldn’t throw it. There are plenty of thing you can use it and make it wearable again. You just have to let your imagination do the work. Don’t get all the things for granted. Try and make something special out of all of them. With a little effort you can refresh and adjust the shirt for the autumn days. Today we share with you how to do it!

DIY Shirts

Here is the Necessary material that you will need in order to make your own old-new autumn shirt:

– An old cotton T-shirt

– Little tulle

– Strips of lace

– A pin

– Soap stone

– Tailors shears

– Sewing machine

– A ruler

1. Since you will sew the tulle to the bottom of t-shirt, decide what length you want it to be and what length will suit you the best. Than do the cutting. Make sure that you cut it even on the both sides.

2. Then, insert a piece of tulle to the shirt so that the top of the tulle to rest on the bottom seam shirt.

3. Sew the tulle on the inside of the lower openings of the shirt so that it is sewn by top tulle down to the bottom.tulle on shirts

4. Cut the excess tulle, if there is any on the both sides and stitch it on the inside, so that it doesn’t have to be seen on the front side of the shirt.

5. In this way, when you turn the T-shirt with on the front side, the tulle is tangling from the inside of the shirt.

6. Than stitch the strip of lace above the tulle. This will give you a very elegant and an amazing look to the shirt.

7. At the end, if you want, to get better effect, than you can add lace to the ends of the sleeves.

And also, when starting this project, you should choose colors that work best for you. The colors that match best the color of the shirt and you too. This model of shirt will be a great outfit along with jeans and tights. So, don’t wait anymore. Try and do this shirt by yourself. Your wallet will be thankful and you will have a brand new shirt that you will proudly wear.

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