Cool and easy fashion life hacks for girls

Fashion isn’t all about buying the newest and latest clothes or shoes. Sometimes we just have to use everything at our disposal to create your own unique style and brand that tells who you are and establishes your identity. Still not sure on how to do your own fashion and create your own style? Here are a few cool and easy fashion life hacks for you girls that might inspire you.

De-Pilling your Clothes

One of the most annoying things in the world is when your clothes start to pill. This is when the fabrics pile up into little tiny balls that extend on the clothing which ruin the look of any shirt, sweater, or jeans. But fortunately, there’s an easy and cheap way to de-pill your clothes! All you need is a razor to shave away the pills, gently running the blade through as to make sure you don’t damage the fabric. After that, you need to use a tape or a lint roller to remove the pills from your clothes and you’re done! Your clothes will look smoother and cleaner in no time.

de-pilling of clothes

Make Use of That Stencil

Did you ever want to make your own statement shirts? Well, not you can! All you need is a stencil cutout guide of letters and a non-washable fabric marker and you’re good to go. Using a shirt without a print or design works best for this, serving as your canvas. Lay down the stencil on the shirt and start writing out whatever you want in pencil first. This pencil outline will serve as a guide. After you’re contented with the spacing and size of the letters, you can now use your fabric marker. Let it dry naturally or with a press before you wash the clothing.

Loose Jeans with Boots

There’s no need to worry about wearing those jeans anymore. Sure, skinny jeans may be in and they make wearing boots a lot easier, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re not the type of girl who wants to wear skinny jeans and prefer the non-skinny ones, you can still wear your boots! You don’t need to bunch up your jeans to make your boots fit. Instead, you can neatly fold your jeans up to the hem of your boots, hiding the folds and still making you look incredibly stylish.loose jeans with boots

Stylize your Sunglasses

Tired of your old and boring sunglasses? Now the time to get it out and add some cool changes! With just a glue and a couple of beads, jewels, or anything small that can stick on the frame of your sunglasses, you can change your look entirely. Stick on pearls, emeralds, or anything you might fancy and you can go out under the sun in style.

diy pearls on sunglasses

When it comes to style and fashion, every individual is unique. You don’t need to empty your bank account in order to get new clothes or the latest shoes. All you need to have is creativity and imagination to make your own style and designs work, but most of all, you need the confidence to flaunt it. Show the world how creative you are and be proud of it!

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