Top paying affiliate programs in India

Top paying affiliate partners

Have a blog and wondered how to earn money other than Google adsense?

First of all, getting approval from Google adsense is really not easy. If it is that easy I would be all ears to listen to you. I was approached my colleagues asking the best way to earn money online. I have been having my own websites for past 5 years and I wanted to share a secret on how you can make some  income at-least to pay your website hosting charges.

India is one of the largest online shopping hub in the world. Every second there is somebody shopping online in India. Most of the online shopping websites are aiming at best bloggers to get their websites featured and drive sales to their websites. This gives an immense opportunities for bloggers in India to earn some extra income.

Top paying affiliate programs in India

I have managed to list down some of top paying online shopping affiliate networks in India:

  1. – Flipkart commissions ranges from 2% to 12%. Flipkart payments usually happen after 45 days the product has been purchased via your affiliate id. has got one of the largest product catalog, If I am right they have around 4 to 5 million products. The next time you buy any of their products online, you can write a post or a review about it. Flipkart also has good support in terms of creatives in the form of API, Widgets, banners, search widget which can enhance the readers experience and could actually create a sale.
  2. – Snapdeal offers commissions in the range of 2% to 10%. Snapdeal payments usually happen after 45 days the product has been purchased via your affiliate id. The terms and conditions of Flipkart and Snapdeal are very similar. Snapdeal does not have interactive widgets like Flipkart. However they do give some creatives like banner images which one can live with.
  3. – Amazon offers commissions in the range of 2% to 15%. Out of my personal experience I have noticed Amazon having lesser return orders compared to Snapdeal and Flipkart. Again, Amazon provides interactive widgets like Flipkart and also Amazon widgets are mobile friendly.
  4. – I have not personally used Infibeam affiliated. However, I have heard good feedback about Infibeam affiliates from other bloggers in terms of payment and product categories. You can earn upto 10% commission per sale through them.
  5. – Vakaro is a newly launched e-Commerce portal selling hand painted leather handbags online in IndiaVakaro offers a commission of flat 20% per sale through the affiliates. provides creatives on request and registration as an affiliate is by sending a mail to

I hope I could share some short insights on how you can earn money via affiliates. If the affiliate set up is done right, you could even quit your full time job and just rely on the money which your website/blog makes.

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