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Mud Dhurrie Clutch Bag


  • Color: Mud & Bloodorange
  • Material: 100% handwoven cotton Dhurrie
  • Embellished with cotton pompoms.
  • 100% leather handle
  • Sturdy zipper
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The collection “SALAWAS” tells the story of the traditionally handwoven Dhurries from Rajasthan. The charm of the Dhurrie not only lies in its beauty: Dhurries are a legacy of love as they are traditionally woven by young women as a precious part of their dowries. Intrigued by the heritage of the Dhurrie we designed ecclectic clutch bags featuring contemporary Dhurrie weaves with cheerful Rajasthani embellishments. Each clutch bag is handwoven and represents a blend of traditional handicraft and fashion.

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