A Bag For Every Woman And Occasion

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Women love carrying varieties of bags according to the occasion, small, medium or big. The present day woman has excellent knowledge about various qualities of handbags available and she would always prefer to use such bags that speak of her taste and class. She is also aware that good quality hand-painted leather handbags are pricey too besides being elegant and durable. When she is ready to invest time and money in choosing her, she might as well choose bags that compliment her body type and contours. The secret lies choosing a bag that is exactly contrasting to your physical appearance!
If you are slightly overweight and are not tall, you must go for lean bags with long handles. If you have to carry big bags, use neutral shades like off white, beige or black that will not accentuate your plump appearance. Small hand painted leather handbags with ornamentation are your ideal accompaniment for social occasions. If you are tall and thin, you can virtually get away with any kind of bag and bigger the better, though you must avoid tiny bags that will do you no good. Women with wide hips must avoid bags that rest on their hips. They are better off with bags with small straps that end above their waistline. Similarly, busty women should use bags with long straps so that their generous bust line goes unnoticed!
Now that you know what kind of bag goes with your personality, shopping for the ideal bag becomes an easier job. Make sure that your bag is suitable for the occasion, whether formal or casual. Remember to carry hand painted leather handbags for formal occasions so that they match your silk, satin or chiffon apparel. Bigger bags are better suited for day time outings while smaller bags are most ideal for evenings or social events.

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